Using Multi-subjects for Process Synchronization on Different Abstraction Levels

Abstract (contribution to S-BPM ONE 2010 (Karlsruhe, Germany)), with Jörg Rodenhagen

For business process design, analysis, and optimizing purposes, a couple of modeling techniques is available. To construct process models that provide a behavior congruent to corresponding complex real world processes, a comprehensive set of control flow constructs and a strong semantics are required. Especially in the logistics context there are numerous examples where process modeling and synchronization on different abstraction levels with multiple object relations and as consequence multiple process instance handling are required. Typical situations are sketched and challenges for process modeling are specified. While the first generation of imperative process modeling techniques (as the EPC) is mostly used to sketch a process with simple constructs, modern process modeling techniques provide more expressiveness to specify real process behavior. In this article we show how the innovative Subjectoriented BPM (S-BPM) and its Multi-Subjects as advanced modeling concept are used to handle such situations. Additionally, some recommendations for implementation using the S-BPM Suite are given.

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