Smart Interoperability Network –
The Internet of Actors (contribution to S-BPM ONE 2019 (Seville, Spain)), with Felix Gniza)

This paper describes our path and the economics of the interdisciplinary Interoperability Network, a so called
‘Internet of Actors’. We, the authors, have our background in business mathematics and business informatics. In
order to grasp the manifold tasks and to develop the methodical and technological concept of the
Interoperability Network, it was important for us to expand our circle of consultants in order to capture and take
all requirements and development trends into account. Our closest consultants are therefore recruited from the
following areas of expertise:

  • Computer Science, Communication Technology, Production Automation
  • Knowledge Management, Business Administration with Organizational Science and Business Process
  • Economics and Socioeconomics
    In preparing this document, we have not only felt the language barrier between the classical languages, but
    above all between the different subject areas. There are numerous cases in which, depending on the discipline,
    sometimes even within a discipline, the same subject matter has different names. These differences have
    repeatedly led to long discussions and an intensive search for the „right“ word. We hope that we have always
    found it.

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