New modeling concepts in S-BPM: The first implementation of the ‚Message Guard‘ and ‚Macro‘ behaviour extensions

Abstract (contribution to S-BPM ONE 2012 (Vienna, Austria))

For a few years, S-BPM has been lacking the possibility to model special issues like reacting to events at any time. This paper gives an overview over two new modeling constructs (‚message guard‘ & ‚macro‘) proposed by Fleischmann et al. It further connects these constructs to the well-known workflow patterns and offers the first (technical) implementation of the behaviour extensions within an S-BPM modeling- and workflow-tool. At the end, two examples for real-world processe making use of the new extension are given.


S. Oppl, A. Fleischmann (Eds.): S-BPM ONE – Education and Industrial Developments, CCIS 284, pp. 121–134. Springer, Heidelberg (2012)
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ReadMe for importing behaviour extensions into Metasonic Suite 4.4.x

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